FAQ’s – Music and Publishing

Q: What’s publishing?

Should you compose a tune on your own, you have the publishing (and copyright) from the minute you complete the tune.

Q: Can a man be both a publisher as well as a songwriter?

Yes. Many songwriters set up a business to release their particular works.

Q: What’s the difference between a publisher as well as a songwriter?

Composer or a songwriter is the originator of the work, which is a score a tune or another musical composition. A publisher, in the flip side, is a person or business that manages or owns the copyright of the work.

Q: Do I have to begin my very own publishing company?

Usually not. You already possess all your publishing rights from the origin of the tune. People usually take up a publishing company when they get a tune “reduction” and require a mechanism or business to which they may get the income stream. One word of advice, it is frequently a clearer idea to get your publishing is administered by another business when you’ve got your publishing company. That only means they will take care of all of the work of disseminating and gathering the cash that the tune generates.

Q: What exactly is copyright?

Creative works are protected by copyright and empowers literary writers, composers and other creators.